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Lưu ý 18+ nhé

Trọn bộ clip hài Nuked & Funny 18+ Image729f4c7166c8

là một chương trình hài sử dụng các người mẫu cố tình ko mặc gì (naked)
+ camera quay lén (hidden camera), rất nhiều tình huống vui nhộn xảy
ra. Mặc dù chương trình này giống Just for laugh nhưng tất cả tình huống
ở đây đều là nude nên cấm trẻ em dưới 18+ nhé.

turns out the sex - it is not only pleasant, but still fun! Program
«Funny and naked» - the best proof. Removed thousands of sex movies,
written books, composed many songs. But laugh at «that» can not
everyone. The creators of the show focus on the jokes just for adults.
Unbelievable situations with taste klubnichki waiting for you in each
series. Imagine that you spokotsno go on the street. Suddenly the police
officer stops you and requests to support the «very important
evidence». All would be nothing but evidence in favor ... Inflatable
woman. Good company! And how do you respond to the great unknown, which
is directly in front of everyone to apply a one blouse, then another?
.. What do you do if you came to the office for an interview zastukaete
boss and secretary at the crime scene?

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